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Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 03

Off to work I go! This is going to be fun, this is my first job ever. Hey Mom, isn’t that guy one of the Dantes? He’s like a grown man with kids & stuff, why is he still stealing my newspaper… whoa, he got fat! Grilled cheese huh… I’ll have to remember that. (making mental note… lay off grilled cheese)

So what’s the deal with the bathroom? Its like these guys can’t seem to stay out of there for very long and they just like, hang around and look at these two. OMG if you gotta pee, then go pee! Shame I can’t influence anyone to go to the bathroom or shower or… can you? Nah, you want points so I wont even look to see if I can… (peeking) darn.

See? These people are still in the bathroom. Teehee, look at Ziggy, he looks like he is standing guard for Joy. That’s so funny, cause Chuck really has to go.

Well this can’t be good. What is going on with Chuck & Rachel? They just don’t like each other. Did you know Chuck is one of the romance guys? Yeah, do you think he tried to hit on Rachel and like Rachel maybe shot him down and now she is so insulted by him that she wont even talk with him? OMG she wont even look at him, OMG did you SEE that?

Aw, poor Chuck, what a booboo face! Oooo Rachel looks so pissed! Now I really wish I knew what happened!

Fight, fight, fight, fight! Kick his butt Mrs. Ziecy!

Woot, go Mrs. Ziecy! Yeah he can’t be a real Chuck Norris, cause the REAL Chuck Norris would never lose to a girl. No offense Mrs. Ziecy but really! No really… yeah I… no I… No ma’am. (psst Mom, I think your friend is still mad… can I go watch TV now?)

Okay Mrs. Phishy, Mom said you need to learn to cook so you don’t start another fire in the kitchen. Thanks for joining us Ziggy man, I tried to get everyone to come and watch tv with us, but like they said no. I’m all for world peace and stuff, but I think peace in this house would be a good place to start. Can you talk to Mrs. Ziecy please, and I will try to talk with Mr. Norris.

You’re congratulating me on being cute? You are one creepy man, Mr. Norris! But he’s like old and stuff… he is so not 13… oh sim age… right, I keep forgetting!

Why are they back in the bathroom? *gasp* He’s nekkie! I am not staring! That looks weird… is that what they really look like? Okay, I’m going… I did not peek! *giggle* okay maybe a little, but they look so funny just there and stuff. Well, you made me be an indult… andult… grown-up! Wow, its warm in here… I’m going outside so I wont see anything else I shouldn’t be seeing…

Hi, I’m Paige Lyn and you are? OMG you’re a Robbins too? Do you know Zaed and Joy? He’s what? She’s what?! No way! OMG that is just so weird. No, no come on in, I think your dad would be way happy to see you… yeah he’s just not like you remember him… at all… well okay maybe… sorta.

Oh hey, so it's true… Ziggy does play guitar!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved it per usual!

Go Rachel! I knew she had it in her to kick Chuck's butt. He isn't as tough as he is cracked up to be. The look on his face after she turned him down is priceless!

Thanks for the help in the cooking department. Hopefully it will help me survive...there I go jinxing myself again...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 6:34:00 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Awesome, go Sim Me!!!! Doesn't Chuckie know I'm a married woman? I think I've made that face at RL guys that tried to hit on my after I got engaged, creaps. I love how expressive Sim Me's facial expressions are, mine in RL are too. And I kicked Chuckie's butt too, go me!!! I work out you know, daily. I'm festively plump, but I'm pretty stroung.

Loved the whole update!

Thursday, December 14, 2006 2:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Lissabry said...

Paige totally cracks me up.. great update cant wait for the next one :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006 2:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just getting caught up! Go Rachael - whooping Chuck Norris! That's a real accomplishment! Nekkie Sims, hehe!! Your daughter may need therapy after that!! Funny as always!

Sunday, December 17, 2006 8:44:00 AM  

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