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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Days 17 - 18

Day 17:
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Woohoo! I so rock, thank you Mrs. Z you are the best chess partner and it helps keep you away from Mr. Norris, bonus!

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Someone said something about my mother wears combat boots. How did they know? Well, the difference between you & me... I make this look good! *giggle* Okay... cha... whatever. I'm already in an asylum, what more can you do to me? Oh that's not right!

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It's not even Mrs. Z anymore. She gets a bit steamed with him, but honestly its all Mr. Norris. He keeps slapping her, I thought that Joy would keep him busy so he would leave Mrs. Z alone. Guess you thought wrong... what, you told me to!

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Okay Mrs. Z, to celebrate we can watch tv tonight when I get home from work. I need 2 more cooking and 1 more cleaning skills before I can reach the top!

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I tried to tip this guy, hoping he would stay around for a while, but I guess I should have just talked with him instead cause he took the money and ran. No I don't think it was cause we're an asylum, others don't seem to care, so why should he? Yes, but I need 3 more friends for my LTW and I need to talk with more people.

Mom you are so slipping, did you know I got a promotion today? Ya well where is the picture? Your video card. Uh huh, likely story. I think you're making it all up cause you are so slipping with the picture taking and what is this with the combining two days together again? You are so getting lazy on me!

Day 18:
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I didn't know the microwave could break, too. Why do you get so worked up every time I have to fix something electrical? I have a lot of mechanical skills now cause everything breaks so much. I can? Huh, well I'm fine and everything is fixed again. Today I fixed this microwave, the dishwasher and the toilet was all clogged again.

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OMGosh, do they all know? Oh how embarrassing! Ya, I know we were on the couch, but they were all other places being busy doing whatever it is they do. I could just die! No, not really, I want to survive this... forget I said that.

Here is my trick to making enough friends for promotions:
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1. Greet Everyone
Anyone that happens by, I greet them and talk with them to get them to *hang out* with me.

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2. Hang Out
Once I get them to hang out with me, I get the attention of another inmate, usually Joy here cause she is a popularity sim. As soon my relationship with the sim is decent enough I leave the hang out session and they stay put till they're friends and they have some kind of needs failure.

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Bonus, a second sim is passing by! It is his twin brother, Jefferson. They totally look nothing alike.

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Anyhow, I played kickyball with Jefferson long enough to make friends with him and Joy over there hung out with Geoffrey long enough to make friends. Now I need one more for my last promotion. Anyhow I forgot to mention step 3, which is very important or this doesn't work. 3. stay acquainted with the sim... that just means you have to have enough of a relationship with the person so you can invite them over to stay friends with your inmate of choice.

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Okay Mom, I see what you mean about your video card. What is going on with my plumbob? Its suppose to be platinum, but it has a freakish green glow! Your new card better get here soon, or we may have some troubles ahead.

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Blogger Rachel said...

Yet another hilarious update. Nice friends making tips, I sure can use those, I suck at making friends.

Monday, January 01, 2007 7:26:00 PM  
Blogger Shaunna said...

Yes excellent tips. I like the idea of getting them to hang out with other inmates. Lets you off the hook, but man some sims will hang out until the cows come home!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 9:25:00 AM  

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