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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Days 19 - 20

Day 19:

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After I come home today, I will have the weekend off to study and hopefully by Tuesday we'll still have all 7 friends and possibly earn that last one. I can't believe we're almost out of here! This is going to be such a long weekend. No I don't mean cause we have 3 more days, I just meant it's going to drag on. By the way, I learned enough about cooking. I have only cleaning left! Its going to take forever cause I have to max that one.

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Yes! My last friend, thank you Joy and Jack Indabocks! Did you know we had real television stars in this neighborhood? Cha me either! I wonder if we'll get to meet my favorite Juss Habinfunn...

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My stars Mrs. Z did it! She has finally tied Mr. Norris! I know that wont stop them, but I really think we need to give her this moment to celebrate!

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Check me out, I came home best friends with Mr. Wooto. He keeps saying he will bring his wife over to visit, but he doesn't. Something about being killed in your last asylum... did you really? That's just cold, Mom. I'm thinking Mr. W here doesn't know I'm related to you, or he may not be my friend anymore.

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Huh, well that didn't last long. Oh well, sorry Mrs. Z, maybe next time.

Day 20:
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Why wont you let me just fix the shower? It keeps leaking and I keep mopping and then it leaks some more and these crazy people wont stay out of the bathroom. Um, Zaed, maybe you can't walk because you managed to get the mop in your leg? Weird glitchy sim game.

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Poor Joy was so tired after playing all that chess with that Jack guy, but that isn't really the funny part.

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Yes, that is the funny part. Mrs. P keeps talking to her as if she were still awake and the best part, she was gaining a positive relationship with her. She probably just thinks Joy is such a great listener!

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Ouch, sorry Mrs. Z, how is your pride holding up? You landed real hard that time.

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Blogger Rachel said...

Man this is so hilarious. So what TV show is that guy from? I loved Mrs. P still talking to sleeping Joy!!!

Close, so close, Chuckie!

Monday, January 01, 2007 7:38:00 PM  
Blogger Shaunna said...

LOL! How funny. Joy IS a great listener...I love it.

Yes, close. Can't wait to see who wins it in the end!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 9:42:00 AM  

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